Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Foundation Phase overview

Pre-Primary Phase


School times for Grade R are from 7:40 - 13:10 every day.

It is important to send your little one to school before they start Grade 1.  They will become familiar with the routines and surroundings of formal schooling within a more nurturing environment.  They are prepared socially and a good foundation is established for formal education. This will relieve some stress when starting school in Grade 1.

The R area operates as part of the school, but little ones are taught in one of the three classrooms that are fenced off from the rest of the school-grounds with their own play area and bathrooms.

We encourage a love for learning and try to inspire confidence in our pupils, within a Christian framework.  We aim to inspire them to become enthusiastic and willing learners - whether they are completing puzzles, singing, painting or attending lessons in Mathematics, Literacy and Life Skills.


Foundation Phase


School times for Grade 1 - 3 are from 7:40 - 13:10 every day.

The Foundation Phase provides a sound foundation for learners from Grade 1 to 3. Classes have a maximum of twenty learners allowing for a more personalized learning environment where educators can also cater for the needs of individuals.

We follow the National Curriculum and keep in line with the latest developments with regard to CAPS as set out by the GDE. However, we extend our learners beyond the CAPS requirements where possible, to further develop them academically.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's education and work together with teachers towards offering the best educational and developmental standards for our learners.

Learners are involved in various school activities, assemblies and outings.  Sport and cultural activities take place during school hours.

Private Extramural activities include:

Mini-Tennis: contact Mr Sequeira on 011 432 2372 or 082 895 0766 - Grade 00 to 3

After care: Contact Mrs Damianou o 082 554 8075  

Integra Remedial Classes: Contact Dr Rheeders on 083 456 7366

Mind Moves: Contact Mrs du Plooy on 082 925 3213

Playball: contact Debbie 082 684 9245 - Grade 00 to 2

Extramural activities for Grade 1 to 3 which are part of the school day include:



Art Club



Mini netball

Little Christians club


Mini-Tennis and Ball Skills

Eisteddfod training

Extra reading and mathematics assistance classes are given during the school hours for children who require them.