Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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HARVEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL has been established as a Christian school that teaches the following Christian values:

•    A Biblical World View point with particular emphasis on the Creation theory.
•    We believe that the Bible is the infallible inspired Word of God.
•    Prayer is made exclusively in the Name of Jesus Christ who alone is the Mediator between God and man.
•    Jesus Christ is far more than a, Rabbi and teacher, but the Eternal God in human flesh and is called the Son of God and is a member of the Holy Trinity.
•    Salvation is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ, who alone can forgive our sins and provide eternal life.  Eternal life is a free gift by God’s grace and is received in the here and now. We do not believe in a second chance beyond the grave.
•    All pupils are expected to attend the weekly Assembly meeting where Christian songs are sung, the Bible read and prayers to God through Jesus Christ, are made.
•    Pupils are taught the Bible, expected to memorize Bible verses and implement moral values through the discipleship program of the school. Our goal is to produce Christians of spiritual maturity.
•    The school strongly discourages the introduction of philosophies of doctrines contrary to the above values as this brings confusion.
•    We value the co-operation of parents in this important task of providing a thorough, Biblical based Christian education. If parents are not of the same persuasion, it will be impossible to train children together.

Please understand that these doctrines represent the view of most Evangelical Churches and not only that of Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Harvest Christian School is open to all who can endorse the above policy.

Before parents complete the application form - please read the Statement of Faith and Documents of consideration.  If interested please fax us the following documents signed and completed: (You need Adobe Reader to view these documents. Please click here to download.)

                        Documents of Consideration

  • Statement of Faith
  • Application Form
  • Confidential Reference Form
  • Certified Clinic card (Grade R - 3)
  • Certified copy the UNABRIDGED Birth Certificate or a normal Birth Certificate with a receipt of application from Home
    Affairs for the application of the Unabridged Birth Certificate.
  • Most recent school report. The year-end report must be handed in at the beginning of the new school year.
  • Certified copies of both parent's/guardian's ID documents. (If guardian's we need legal proof of guardianship or an affidavit stating guardianship).
  • 2 ID size, coloured photo's of the child
  • Water and lights account or any proof of residence
  • Certified copy of any receipt applied for at Home Affairs
  • Certified copies of child's study visa/passport (foreign students or immigrants)
  • Certified marriage certificate
  • If parents have their own business, we will need 3 month's bank statements.
  • If parents are employed by a business, we will need 3 month's salary slips with the company sta
  • ITC Credit Consent form signed and returned.
  • mp on.
  • Once the child is accepted, we will email the parents the Contract and Debit Order Mandate and we will need a transfer card from the previous school (Transfer card is for Grade 2-7 Learners).

Click here to complete an online application form.

(This form is web based and must be completed online. Please complete all relevant fields and then click on the submit botton in the top right hand corner. You may save the document for your own records or print a copy. Thank you for choosing Harvest Christian School.)