Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Our vision

1.    Our Vision

     We are committed to building a firm foundation: spiritually, academically and socially into our children.

2.    Our Core Values


  • To have the fear of God, to hate evil and to love righteousness. (To see explanation on this value click on the link)
  • Be Bible-based and Christlike in all we do.
  • The partnership of home, school and church.
  • High academic standards as well as excellence in culture and sporting activities.
  • To be mission minded.
  • To practise servanthood.
  • To build character and to disciple.


3.  Our Motto

      I seek to excel.


Our standpoints

a.    Evolution

God created everything in six normal days.  God owns everything because He created it and  He rules supremely over His creation.


b.    Family and Education

Education and training children in the way of the Lord,  is primarily the responsibility of the parents. HARVEST CHRISTIAN SCHOOL works in partnership with the parents and the church.