Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Royal Servants

The Royal Servants were started in 1998 by Mrs Sharon Bennet and Mrs Ella Jansen van Vuuren. The idea was to expose our learners to people who are less privileged and to encourage and serve them. The first Royal Servants was a small, very disciplined and a well-trained group of learners.

Presently, our school serves the community through our Royal Servants program. Learners volunteer to become members of the Royal Servants.  The Royal Servants group visity orphanages, old age homes and also does mission work. This also equips our learners to become unselfish and teaches them to serve.

The Royal Servants group stands, at this moment, at 55 learners.  They are divided into 4 phases, Sowers, Reapers, Malabeth Abadim and Leader group. Our aim is to minister in the local community by means of encouragement and  by spreading the Gospel. The membership fee is R400 per year. To register as a Sower a person must learn certain memory verses, attend an interview and attend an orientation course. It is also compulsory to wear the Royal Servant T-shirt during outreaches.  The members receive a scroll for 3 years faithful service.

Sowers has 1 sleepover per year. Reapers has two sleepovers away. Malabeth Abadim goes on a tour outreach every year.